Sugó - gabona kft.

Cereals and industrial crops


Sugo-Gabona primarily specialises in the trade of cereals and industrial plants through the integration with Hungarian farmers. Our operations also expand to the trade of raw materials (fertilizers, seeds and chemicals) necessary for agricultural production.

Our crop trading activities are not limited to Hungary, we have important international partners, who as buyers, represent a significant part of our market. As a result of our geographical location, our main transportation method is shipping on the Danube river, and our stock bases are located at the Baja port, or in proximity.

We meet expectations not only with 21st century quality assurance measures, but also through the usage of BÜGH, ISCC, etc.. sustainability systems. Our stable financial background, our professional experience, combined with 25 years of industry presence guarantees security to our partners.


  • Commercial crops
  • Seed trade
  • Fertilizer trade
  • Pesticide-commerce
  • Input financing
  • Crop processing
  • Crop storage


Central office (mailing address)

6500 Baja, Széchenyi utca 10.

Phone: +36 (79) 523-580
Telefax: +36 (79) 420-975

Branch Office

6527 Nagybaracska, külterület 035/31

Phone: +36 (79) 361-111
Phone: +36 (30) 376-6751

Secretariat:  +36 (79) 523-580   101 area

Commercial business:

Commercial crops+36 (30) 370 3654
Input materials+36 (30) 515 6122
Logistics - Inland+36 (79) 523-580  108 area
Logistics - Abroad+36 (30) 515-4792

Finance:   +36 (79) 523-580   112 area

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Central office

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